19 Super Awesome Things That Will Make Your Live Easier Than Ever

19 Super Awesome Things That Will Make Your Live Easier Than Ever

There are so many things on the market that can make your life easier. But with all of this stuff to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which ones will work best for you. Welcome to Hello Cleaner. In this article, we’ll discuss 19 Super Awesome Things That Will Make Your Live Easier Than Ever.

#1. As a coffee fanatic, I was mortified when my thermos cup started looking dingy and black. Not only did it look gross, but the smell of old coffee didn’t help either! After trying many different remedies without success, I found these all-natural tablets that got rid of even stained lids (I know how hard those are to clean). These little gems were cheap and worked like magic on just about every problem surface in my house, from pots and pans with baked-on food from who knows what to cooking oil stains.

#2. This is the holy grail of hanger storage. No longer will you have to deal with tangled, bent hangers scattered all over your closet floor or getting broken. This has saved me so much time, and I no longer have to worry that my hangers won’t be neatly organized when it comes time to use them. They are really sturdy as well, so you can definitely store quite a bit of weight on each one with no problem at all!

#3. The chainmail scrubber is the best way to clean your cast-iron skillets because it doesn’t remove the coating and won’t cause any damage. You can also use it to wash other cookware like waffle makers, griddles, and casserole dishes without fear of ruining them! The best part about it is how easy it is to use – just rinse with water, then scrub away those tough, stubborn spots using the scrubber and coarse sea salt or dish soap. With nearly no effort at all, you’ll have your pan looking like new again!

#4. The Smart Funnel is a revolutionary invention that will help you solve every ketchup (or other condiment) problem imaginable, even if one bottle’s contents are running out. This funnel makes it easy to transfer the remaining liquid from an open bottle into another container – without spilling any of your precious sauce! It’s the perfect solution for those times when you accidentally have two bottles of ketchup open and one is about to run out!

#5. This soup cube tray is perfect for both prepping meals and saving leftovers. It has four cells which you can fill with your favorite soups, broths or even marinades! It even comes with a lid to not only seal in the smell of whatever food you’re cooking, but also reduce spills if by chance some sauce leaks out while you’re heating up veggies on the stovetop. Better yet? You don’t need to thaw anything before popping this bad boy into an oven set at degrees – just make sure not to use any lids when doing so, as they may crack under high heat!

#6. I love to bake but after the apple pie spill, I knew it was time to get some oven liners. Luckily for me, this nonstick liner saved me hours’ worth of cleaning with one easy purchase! It’s been years since I switched over to a self-cleaning oven, and I had no idea how much of my life would be spent scrubbing stains off of appliances that were supposed to make cleanup way easier. The best thing about these liners is they’re affordable enough so that you can always have a fresh set on hand for when disaster strikes again!

#7. An all-too-common problem when wearing a skirt or dress is the excruciating pain of chafing. There are many options for combating this, but one that doesn’t require constant reapplication and lasts long enough to wear through an entire day is ideal! These anti-chafe lace bands provide relief and are even comfortable enough to sleep in! No marks, no discomfort.

#8. A bidet is the closest thing to nature’s way of cleaning your tush. A bidet is an attachment to the toilet that you can use to clean yourself after you go. The clean feeling will last for hours, so no more needing copious amounts of toilet paper or wipes with harsh chemicals (which are bad for our environment, too). Toilet paper is something we would typically buy in bulk because, frankly, there is no such thing as too clean. But installing a bidet will improve your personal hygiene and reduce your water bill significantly!

#9. You know the saying “fresh and clean”? Well, now it’s a reality! With this tub cleaning paste, you’ll be able to get your life back on track. The Pink Stuff is awesome at removing all sorts of difficult substances, like scuffs on walls or stains on your stovetop. It will take care of these stains in minutes, which means no more scrubbing or letting other products sit for hours only to not really clean anything in the end. If you’re looking to get rid of any sort of dirty messes, this solution is worth checking out!

#10. Ever had your earbuds tangled up in the bottom of a bag? Yeah, it’s annoying. But now you can avoid that mess and keep them organized and easy to find! If you’re looking for an inexpensive but high-quality way of keeping those pesky cords neat and out-of-the-way, look no further than this silicon case. Their sleek designs make sure everything is nice and tidy without adding bulk or weight on the go.

#11. A car trash bag is a must-have for any driver who has kids. You can toss all those napkins, chip bags and other garbage into the bag in the backseat without worrying about them ending up on the floor of your car or making their way into the front seat! The over-the-seat design will keep your backseat from being a mess, and the size is perfect for any vehicle, even if you have kids in tow!

#12. The car clip sauce holder saves you from having to worry about ruining your outfit or the inside of your new, expensive vehicle. This double compartment holder allows you to conveniently dunk fries, nuggets, or even a burger into two sauces at once with no worries about sudden stops or unsteady hands getting in the way. It’s perfect for keeping things tidy when ordering takeout and on-the-go food while driving!

#13. A satin-lined beanie is the perfect winter accessory to keep your head warm. Not only will you look stylish, but the satin reduces frizz while keeping moisture in your locks so that they stay silky smooth. The smooth inner texture also helps to reduce damage from hair drying out or being combed through too vigorously with a brush after washing – leaving less potential for breakage!

#14. The kitchen counter is often the most crowded place in a home. But with this space-saving tea organizer, you’ll be able to store countless boxes of tea without taking up valuable real estate on your already tightly-packed kitchen surfaces! Not only will this help you avoid cluttering your countertops, but it also gives you the opportunity to find exactly what you need without having to dig through the contents of your kitchen counters!

#15. A roller ball does more than just soothe aching muscles after a good workout. Get deep into those hard-to-reach places and relieve stress with the help of this handy little tool! Roll it all over your body for an at-home spa treatment, or simply use it as directed after a long and tiring day to help you relax.

#16. Finally, there’s a way to achieve the perfect manicure without worrying about your nails getting broken or damaged. In just a few short weeks, you’ll see results and be able to rock that red carpet mani without worrying about weak tips! This nail strengthener will help get rid of dry and brittle nails with jojoba oil, which promotes nail health. Simply work it into each day’s dry polish in order to bring back freshness while strengthening nails with vitamins E & A as well as biotin-rich wheat germ extract.

#17. A handmade, customized dish is perfect for keeping soaps and sponges dry and beautifying your bathroom in the process! This ingenious design was an epiphany to me. My old soap tray would always get wet and turn my soap into an unsightly, gooey mess. What’s more, these are not only great in your bathrooms but also really useful in the kitchen for drying your sponges.

#18. I recently bought a new leather shoulder strap handbag and was having problems with it sliding off my shoulder, since the leather strap is fairly smooth. So I went searching for anything out there that would solve this problem, and I came across the idea of adding grippy silicone strips on the side of an existing bag’s straps so they won’t slip anymore! This is a great way to prevent shoulder pain while also making sure that your bag never slips, because as we all know, these bags are worth their weight in gold 😉

#19. An electric charcoal toothbrush with nylon bristles gives your teeth a deep clean. The vibrations are gentle enough to use on sensitive gums and can help curb bleeding, and the brush even has a two-minute timer! It makes me feel like I just flew through three sonic booms in one second because of the insane amount of power this thing packs.

I hope you enjoyed this list. And if not, well then, just go take a nap because it’s the weekend! Cheers to making our lives easier and living in peace with the help of technology.


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