19 Little Things To Make Your Apartment Fun and more Comforting

19 Little Things To Make Your Apartment Fun and more Comforting

19 Little Things To Make Your Apartment Fun and more Comforting:

I’ve been living in a apartment for a year now, and I still love it just as much as when I first moved in – or maybe more. The thing is, over the past year, I’ve learned some little things you can do to make your home an even more cozy, comforting place to be. Welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY. In this article I will share Little Things you could’ve Done to Make Your Apartment More Fun and Cozy.

1. Creating a cozy, relaxing nook was one of the first things you can do when you move into your apartment. The space behind your TV can be converted into an area where you can lounge and read or do something on your laptop with some privacy from your roommates – it’s basically become like a little oasis for you. Decorate it with bright and colorful things because this makes a world of difference in how your apartment feels. There are so many ways to do this – you could use colorful throw pillows, candles, an art print featuring a peacock, and other decorative items.

2. Start using essential oils to replace a lot of the candles and incense that you used to burn. They’re more environmentally friendly, and I think the scents are nicer anyway. You would love how your apartment smells fresh just by entering without having had anything lit at all – no smokey smell left behind in the fabrics either!

3. Moving your furniture around to create cozier corners. Also put your couch where the coffee table used to be, which has been really nice. Moving furniture is a really easy way to make your space feel more personal and comfortable!

4. Remove all the clutter from your apartment and, in doing so, created more space. Try to donate most of it and you would see how amazing it felt about spending time at your home with all the clutters gone.

5. My previous landlord didn’t allow any plants or anything of that sort, but this time around I bought some real live flowers for my windowsill. Getting flowers is always a good idea to create a cozy, elegant feeling in your apartment.

6. Cleaning your apartment has been a great way to de-stress and also make you feel more comfortable about being at home. You would love coming back to a clean space and you would feel so much better when you can come home to a clean, orderly space. It’s especially helpful for you if your day has been stressful or overwhelming because it helps you clear and reset your thoughts.

7. Changing up your morning routine was hard but so worth it. It will really update your whole mindset and make you feel more ready for the day. Give yourself 15 minutes of coffee-free, screen-less time to focus on what you want the day ahead to look like. Drink lemon water instead for a caffeine boost without all that added sugar and try not hitting snooze when your alarm goes off in order to avoid rushing out the door later!

8. I’m someone who doesn’t really like sleeping on a mattress without sheets, but this was one of those things that felt worth it in the end. It’s so nice waking up to the feeling of being surrounded by cozy blankets!

9. Eating breakfast is very important and it was so nice to establish a few rituals surrounding your morning routine. It will really help you feel more organized and less stressed out in the morning!

10. In my case, I needed to make more space in my closet, so I went through all of my clothes. Anything that was a size bigger than what fits me now got donated or thrown out!

11. Add more light to your apartment by getting some lamps and a new light fixture in the living room area. You could also use the smart lighting app Hue to adjust the lights from your phone.

12. Over the past year, I’ve been doing some form of yoga every day for at least 10 minutes. It’s such a great way to de-stress and really release tension from your body, plus it helps you sleep better!

13. Years ago I lived in Dubai with no AC all winter, and I must say, it is so nice to wake up in the morning to cool, fresh, clean air. I also notice that my asthma has gotten better since getting a purifier. I’m not sure if this is related or just coincidental, but it’s definitely worth mentioning!

14. Get a colorful rug to help brighten up the room. I bought this rug a few months ago, and it really has made the space feel more cheerful and bright. This particular rug is also made using only natural dyes, which is nice because that means no harsh chemicals are being released into my apartment!

15. One of the best things you can do to decorate your place is hang pictures on the walls to make them more visually interesting. I have a few of my favorite travel photos in frames, and they always remind me of happy memories!

16. I find that plants have a calming effect, so make sure to keep some around your apartment at all times. It really helps take away any stress and anxiety! Putting plants everywhere has made such a difference because they really add some life and green to the space.

17. There are a few affordable prints at Home Goods, so try to put them around your apartment for a pop of color. It will make you happy when you walk by them every day, which is especially nice because life has been difficult for me lately.

18. Try to get a few new throw pillows for your couch and bed that are more colorful than what you’ve had before to breathe some life into the room. An added bonus is that it’s super easy to switch them out for new ones when you’re get tired of the colors.

19. Keep your curtains open most of the time so that it feels like there’s more light in your apartment – and also to remind yourself of what outside looks like! So, what have you done to make your apartment comfier? Share your ideas in the comment section.

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