18 Smart Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger

18 Smart Ways to Make Your Small Apartment Look Bigger

If you are planning to live on a budget then moving into a small apartment is one of the best options there are several ways in which you can tweak the decor to make your apartment look bigger welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 18 smart ways to make your small apartment look bigger.

1. You should either choose colors that are towards the lighter shades or ones that are darker medium shades are what makes the room look smaller on the other hand the extremes give a great contrast and make the rooms look bigger however choose colors that look good together.

2. The drapes are another important factor in your apartment that can make your room seem big you can either choose sheer drapes or if you are going for fabric then keep the color the same as your walls prefer floor-length drapes which also give a spacious vibe.

3. Your end table should not have broad legs if you’re placing coffee tables or end tables in your room select the ones that have narrower legs this automatically makes them look less bulky thus the perfect illusion of a bigger room is created.

4. If you want your apartment look spacious then you can either paint the ceilings or put attractive wallpaper on it this will draw everyone’s attention to the top make sure you properly color coordinate the ceilings in order to maintain the décor.

5. The mere effect is a very well-known strategy to create an optical illusion create a focal point by placing the mirror in the right position you can also place the mirror just on the opposite wall of the window this will give an airy feel bathroom decor can be highly upgraded with mirrors.

6. Utilizing your space to fit in storage options is one of the golden rules of making a compact apartment feel spacious multifunctional furniture such as cabinets or beds that can not only serve their purpose but also store items should be used.

7. Raised sofas reveal the floor space underneath them giving a much roomier appearance this is important especially for small apartments where bulky furniture should be avoided at all costs raised legs instill a feeling of lightness and a perfect option for a small apartment.

8. In order to your bedrooms a spacious feel opt for bed linen in the lighter decor this will reflect natural light and to spice up the decor you can add some contrasting pillows you can also use a contrasting throw to add some depth.

9. Pull away your furniture and leave some space from the walls you will have more floor space around your furniture giving a less cramped feel also don’t opt for too many furniture choose only those which you need.

10. The best thing about floating shelves is that they are not bulky and yet they will give you enough room for storing your items you can also use them as bookshelves or keep your framed photographs these shelves are available in highly quirky designs as well.

11. Placing small and multiple decorative items here and there often make your room seem cluttered if there is not much space however compromising on decor is not an option so you must use bigger items keep only one such item and see the difference it can make.

12. Just imagine how easier it will be if you can fold away your furniture when it is not required so if you are living in a small apartment implement this trick and choose trendy yet stackable or foldable furniture pieces you can also choose a sofa come bed which will serve a dual purpose.

13. The idea of making shelves near the ceiling has only one aim that is to make your room appear spacious by drawing attention towards the ceiling a maximized vertical storage option can be created on top of windows as well to utilize your wall space more efficiently.

14. Mobile furniture is literally a savior for small apartments because you can relocate them easily from one room to another according to your requirement thus a single piece of furniture can serve its purpose in multiple rooms moreover you can shift them easily when you are having a party.

15. Sofas which are backless appear to be very light and are a perfect elegant alternative to bulky sofas moreover if you are having a party and you do not have enough seating options then these sofas can be used from both sides.

16. With such trendy decor pieces and furniture options on the rise you can utilize the corners in your apartment by placing a bookshelf or even a comfortable beanbag this will bring out more floor space in the middle of your room.

17. Stripes have always been known to create a longer or more spacious feel and the same rule appears for your home decor as well if you opt for striped wallpapers or a rug with a striped pattern see what a huge change it can bring.

18. If you are a nerd and you think your books are taking up too much space in your apartment then it’s time for some rearrangement color coordinate all your books and this will not only elevate the decor but also give a streamlined feel to the entire space.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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