17 Brilliant DIY Laundry Room Organization Ideas and Tips

17 Brilliant DIY Laundry Room Organization Ideas and Tips

Sometimes you don’t need to spend much time just to give your laundry room a nice upgrade a simple set of DIY hacks is enough to give you such welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and here are 17 brilliant DIY laundry room organization ideas.

1. It is time to utilize all of those surfaces and spots inside your laundry room this hack is all about using the back of your door as a place to hang a rack which will help you organize a lot of laundry supplies.

2. Do you want to save big on laundry room storage if so then consider this easy to make DIY project first start by building two frames the top frame will have more Center supports than the bottom frame square everything up and screw the frame together with three-inch wood screws cut out the plywood pieces to size and snap some chalk lines then screw them down with one and a half inch wood screws after the two frames were done attach the four by four pieces and then fill all the screw holes with wood putty a bit of woodworking it’s all you need to come up with very inexpensive storage.

3. There are times when your laundry room needs a quick aesthetic approach but what if you can do that while adding functionality try mounting a lint bin on your laundry rooms wall it is enough to do the trick.

4. Do you have a small laundry room worry no more install a DIY drying rack which can help you big-time measure and cut your 1/2 inch by 2 boards to fit the two by two pre-cut birch cut your dowel rods to fit inside your drying rack frame with your 3/8 inch drill bit drill holes for your pre-cut dowel rods use a mallet to hammer dowel rods into pre-drilled spots finish assembling your rack with framing nails attach your pin hinges with a screwdriver prime your wood drying rack then paint with the color of choice if you want to make the size of your inexpensive wood smoother then use paintable wood filler to fill in the uneven surfaces when your paint is dry attach your sash lock to the top of your drying rack drill holes to attach your knobs to the bottom this is after the knobs are installed attach a hinged bracket or a chain with screw eyes to keep your drying rack at your desired angle when open.

5. Save more room by hanging your ironing board on the wall all you’ve got to do is simply install two hooks on the wall and hang the ironing board onto them it is sleek and it’s fancy enough to give your laundry room a nice touch.

6. Your laundry room can be messy especially when you have lots of clothes to launder or dry this is where this rolling laundry basket dresser can help it gives you a nice place to keep all your clothing items while making them easier to pull out when laundry time starts for the complete step-by-step guide check out in ferrant Lea creative.

7. Give your laundry room a vintage upgrade by incorporating a vintage laundry cart liner the more vintage it looks the better check out the step by step DIY guide on Sophia’s décor.

8. Storing and labeling are two of the things your laundry room needs use mason jars to store things like soap and softener and label them to make sure you are using the right one.

9. If you have a space between your dryer and washer this DIY slim rolling cart is for you it is the perfect way to create a Corral between your different laundry supplies make all cuts and then drill two pocket holes in the 3 1/12 by 25 1/2 inch on each end with wood glue and an air nailer attach your side pieces one by force to your one by twelve by twenty five and a half inch pieces use the wood glue err nail again to put the shelves in place use your electric drill and screw in one in one quarter Kraig screws in the bottom shelves to secure it pre-drill your holes for the casters with three quarter inch wood screws attach casters sand wood filler and then paint and Prime find a wide handle you like and then drill holes and attach now you have more storage in your laundry area making it way more functional and less cluttered.

10. Like any other room your laundry can also benefit from vertical storage solutions use it to store soap or your laundry supplies for DIY instruction guide checkout simply designing or you can just buy it from Ikea.

11. Not enough vertical space to accommodate storage a little bit of slanted shelf hack is all you need.

12. If you have cabinets or shelves then these dollar store plastic baskets can surely get your laundry room organized in no time but hey make sure you put some tags or labels so you will know exactly which items are inside.

13. Want to have a great way to dry your clothes without taking up too much space try using this ladder laundry hack all you need to do is Mount a ladder on your laundry room ceiling here’s how to build it lay out your ladder and arrange the dowels ladder rungs in the spacing you’d like using a 1 and ¼ inch shank Forstner drill bit drill out the holes for each ladder rung follow the directions on your wood glue for gluing the dowels into the holes on one side of the ladder lay the second side of the ladder on the ground lay the ladder down and measure from corner to corner to make sure it is square once you’re sure you’ve got everything in the right place stay in the ladder on one side and place something heavy on top while it dries.

14. Add a lost-and-found bucket for money and other little things you find in the laundry room.

15. If you don’t have a ladder you can always go with an old crimp spring hang it on the ceiling of your laundry room and you can start drying clothes first get the crib spring out prime and paint it aqua then buy five ceiling hooks and some chain to hang the crib spring attach the hooks in the ceiling and hoist the crib up.

16. No shelf no problem just build one yourself first cut your plywood to fit the measurements you need and begin assembling the Shelf upside down attach the top shelf and middle shelf pieces to the right sides using the L brackets and screws use wood glue to attach the bottom shelf piece allow to fully dry and use wood glue to attach the back of the shelf sand and prime the entire shelf then paint the Shelf to match your laundry room space.

17. To start organizing things in your laundry room all you need is just a couple of IKEA buy gel wire baskets and plug is set install them anywhere you feel like but make sure you store things on them in an organized way.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this article please share your thoughts in the comment section for more decorating and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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