15 Simple Small Apartment Ideas For Renters

15 Simple Small Apartment Ideas For Renters

Compact living is a global trend. Millions of people are renting studio apartments and it is a challenge to maximize such limited living spaces. Here are 15 small apartment ideas that will inspire the imagination and creativity of renters.

1. Custom build an elevated bed platform, leaving more space underneath for closet space, working area, or for storage.

2. Hang anything from the ceiling by attaching string, twine, or fishing wire to the ceiling. Use clothespins to hang items along a rope that is suspended from the ceiling and add reinforcements such as thumbtacks, hooks, or nails to the ceiling for heavier objects.

3. Separated room with sliding wooden doors disguised as panels. To make sliding wooden doors look great, try to paint the door green, red, and yellow for a pop of vibrant color.

4. Invest in a compact all-in-one storage solution. One of the more clever ones is the innovative space-efficient box that houses a platform that can fit a queen-sized bed, a workspace, and an internal space for storage.

5. Turn an entire wall into different-sized shelves for smart storage space. Consider using floating shelves that are the same color as your wall for a sleeker look. Use different sizes and strategically place them on the wall.

6. Create functional space by investing in furniture units that either slides or moves that results in having more space in the apartment. Get a furniture unit that incorporates a sliding bed or a sliding workspace or a custom-made movable bookshelf that uncovers either a bed or a working corner.

7. Cluster a variety of mirrors on the wall instead of placing artwork. Place a pair of mirrored nightstands on both sides of the bed or place a large floor mirror on the foyer.

8. Keep things linear by putting varying geometric and linear prints in your apartment. It will give a small space a sense of structure, provided the illusion of additional length and width and gives the apartment a more interesting aesthetic.

9. Do layer lighting which will keeping light at multiple levels. You could aim high with eye-catching ceiling fixtures, Go vertical with floor lamps or using task lights.

10. Use acrylic or glass furniture to trick the eye and lessens the visual clutter in the room.

11. Place a buffet between your kitchen and dining areas for easy serving and extra storage. Use indoor plants to indicate changes in the use of space and put a coat and shoe rack by the door to mark your entranceway.

12. Turn a large windowsill into a workspace. Invest in a corner shelving unit to store kitchenware, dishes, or even bar essentials and place baskets on top of your refrigerator to hide lesser-used serving platters or baking sheets.

13. Place two identical bookshelves on either side of a doorway where you can store household items. A large entertainment center with extra shelves serve as a great room divider and storage space.

14. Use floating shelves instead of a bookcase or a floating sink in lieu of a traditional vanity. You could also use furniture pieces with legs rather than those that sit directly on the floor.

15. If your apartment has access to natural light, choose lighter-colored shades to maximize the light. Customize a vanity cum study table at one end to take advantage of the natural light and use bay windows as extra shelves to store decorative items or even small plants.

And that’s all for now what do you think about this ideas, please share your thoughts in the comment section for more kitchen storage and organizing ideas stay tuned to our Blog. thanks for reading and we’ll see you in the next article.


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