15 Modern Bathroom Wall Painting Ideas

15 Modern Bathroom Wall Painting Ideas

We all want our bedrooms to be cozy for a good night’s rest or to wake up feeling energized in the morning. For modern bedrooms, new wall painting or techniques revitalize the overall aesthetics of the room and help many homeowners experience more quality time in their bedrooms, whether for sleeping or working purposes. Welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY. In this article, we will discuss Modern Bedroom Wall Painting Ideas.

1. Revamp your bedroom’s plain white walls with these honeycomb styles. Randomly place hexagon-shaped designs to create a lively yet sophisticated vibe for your bedroom. Play with different color combinations that complement the overall bedroom interior. You may want to opt for brighter colors for children’s bedrooms and darker tones for adults’ rooms. Hexagonal shapes can look futuristic, but they can also be subtle and rustic if partnered with specific color and lighting combinations.

2. Nobody wants a dull and boring bedroom, so why not play with pastel colors and triangle shapes This design is fun and bright, yet still modern. Triangular patterns in pastel colors are one of the most lively wall painting ideas, as they resemble festive pendant banners but with softer color palettes. Having pastel triangles on your bedroom wall will remind you of parties, confetti, and other exciting things. These can be ideal for children’s bedrooms, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun for the adults too!

3. Some of us prefer our bedrooms to have darker tones for a more relaxing vibe. If you fancy a plain grey paint on the wall but still want it to have a unique twist, blending wall paint with different grey tones can be breathtaking. This blending of grey shades into a cloud-like aesthetic will make your bedroom feel as comfortable as if you were lying down in a cloud. To create this effect, you can layer your paint from darkish grey tones at the bottom to lighter tones going towards the top.

4. Cross-stitching may be an outdated hobby for some, but having such a design on your bedroom wall can feel truly luxurious. These designs are unique, elegant, and beautiful, not to mention how awesome it is to be able to pick the design yourself. Crafting this design on your bedroom wall definitely takes a lot of time, effort, and more paint if you keep making mistakes, but the results will deeply move you. The options are limitless, and this design can be a great gift for someone who likes the aesthetic of cross-stitches.

5. Using Nordic blue and grey shades on your bedroom wall will effectively create a modern, cool, and minimalist interior vibe. These patterns originated from Scandinavia designs and have helped make bedrooms across the world feel cozier.

6. The mere thought of seeing mountains in the distance can already be relaxing. Why not add this style to your bedroom wall This design is refreshing, fascinating, and, if partnered with low lighting, will make bedtime cozier than ever. Adding tranquil wall designs like these blue mountain paintings can bring peace and quietness into any bedroom. Using different tones of blue and green paint, you can draw ranges and peaks and can recreate the scenery of any mountaintops you like.

7. If your bedroom wall happens to be divided into two different colors, you can add this great design to provide a soothing transition. Instead of one color being cut off to be replaced by another, you can add diamonds between the two colors to smoothly transition between them. Choose colors for the diamonds that complement the existing wall colors.

8. Most modern bedrooms deploy a series of prints and patterns to spice up their wall aesthetic. And this has become one of the go-to ideas homeowners usually implement. Depending on what print or patterns they use, these can certainly look sleek and appealing. These modern, minimalist styles like small geometric shapes within lines and subtly contrasting colors are either hand-painted on the walls or applied with stencils. Different patterns like stripes, slants, fishtails, stars, and circles can be used too.

9. You can also keep your bedroom wall plain and simple with a gingham pattern. Vivid colors and vibrant patterns can be too distracting at certain times of the day, making plain and simple options ideal for those who want a neutral bedroom aesthetic all year round. Gingham-inspired wall painting designs are like drawing grids and squares all over your bedroom wall. They can be idyllic, charming, and rustic, but they also require careful studying and planning of shades and lines to make sure they look delicate and not overwhelming.

10. Another way to play with different shades of a certain color is having a grunge watercolor aesthetic on your bedroom walls. Just like the Blended Grey design, you can play with two to four shades of a certain color, but this time the design doesn’t resemble a cloud. Instead, you can scatter the blended colors across the wall, make different shapes, or create irregular patterns. Feel free to play with your brush and sprinkle colors on the walls for a more balanced look.

11. Origami makes for great room decor as they are simple yet very creative. With different colors and palettes to play with, origami designs can be painted on your wall to give your bedroom a lively essence. These designs are colorful and fun, and they add a minimalist feel to your space no matter what’s inside the room. These eye-catching wall accents are all you need to revive a dull home, regardless of how small or big it is. This origami wall idea may seem to fit best with a kid’s bedroom, but the designs definitely liven up any room.

12. Painting a dripping mountain design on your bedroom wall creates a different version of the thin, streamlined mountain range design we saw earlier, with portions of paint dripping from the outline. It’s like waking up to see a horizon of doodled mountaintops with raindrops flowing from them. This is another tranquil aesthetic that will give you a depth of calmness and serenity. This design is guaranteed to give your bedroom a different feel and help you sleeping better as well.

13. Pastel geometrics can give a subtle yet playful vibe to a bedroom. This wall painting idea incorporates the use of big geometric figures in pastel colors blending with darker ones. The best part is, you can do this yourself almost instantly. With just masking tape, different color paints, and your brush, you can make a series of patterns and shades that you think best fits your bedroom.

14. Seeing mountains on your bedroom wall can be fascinating, but for nature lovers, falling sleeping and waking up to the scenery of the woods can be exciting and homey, especially if you love camping. With the perfect green shades and right techniques, painting a forest on your bedroom wall isn’t that hard. You can work from the top of the background all the way down, and then enjoy the benefits of nature displayed on your wall. Place indoor plants in your bedroom as well to give this design an even stronger natural essence.

15. Combining the aesthetics of grunge and blending different colors, this smoky, rust-red wall paint design can add both elegance and a bit of edginess to your bedroom’s personality. If you happen to have a minimalist bedroom with little or no furniture, adding this robust, bold design to the wall will enhance your bedroom’s ambiance.

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