14 Space-Saving Gadgets Every Tiny Kitchen Needs

14 Space-Saving Gadgets Every Tiny Kitchen Needs

Kitchens are indeed the heart of every home but for homeowners who struggle with the lack of space, this can be a nightmare. It is frustrating to prepare the best meals with an unorganized kitchen, not to mention how bad these situations can look despite having an aesthetic home. Welcome to Hello Cleaner’s DIY and in this article we will discuss Super Awesome Space Saving Gadgets Every Tiny Kitchen Need.

1. Countertop dish racks can consume a huge amount of space especially that not all kitchens can accommodate dishracks and dinnerware inside cupboards or under kitchen drawers. If you embrace the idea of not necessarily keeping your dinnerware in closed spaces, then this one can be of great help. Over-the-sink dish racks are a hit storage utility as they store and dry your dinnerware at the same time, all happening on top of your sink.

2. A set of storage containers can help you store food or other things with a variety of options to choose from. But wouldn’t it be nice to compress them all up into one container if these are not in use? Exactly what nesting storage containers are made for. Move on from stacking empty storage containers with their lids on like a pyramid from biggest to smallest. Keep them into one compressed container to save space.

3. Straining large quantities of food, whether pasta, veggies, or meat, will eventually use larger strainers which may consume space if it doesn’t fit well in the kitchen drawers. This small yet durable device is clipped to the side of any pot you use, and that’s all about it! You turn it sideways to strain the contents of your pot without the spills and burns we all have probably experienced already.

4. Folding kitchen carts can be one of the best space-saving kitchen equipment you’ll ever find. Not only it can help you serve tea to guests or make it a table for a certain use, but also it can fold into just inches in width which you then can store in any tight space. Take it as a table trolley you can use anytime you need, then fold and keep it away when done.

5. Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have stemware for any party or special occasion it bears necessary. Bottoms up and enjoy your glass of martini, vodka, or any favorite drink with your set of wine glasses hanging just under your shelf. Hanging your stemware with undershelf holders utilizes your vertical space and can save storage spaces in cupboards and drawers. The best part? Everyone sees your impressive collection.

6. It’s hard to have different cups, bowls, and spoons for every cooking measure there is. You sure can fit them all in cupboards or drawers away from sight, but you’ll eventually have a hard time looking for your needed utensil. Nesting measuring bowls, cups, and spoons can be of great help in cooking and can save space as they are all stacked and compressed into just one size.

7. Ever thought about where to place soaps and sponges every time you’re done washing the dishes? You definitely can put them just beside the sink, but a clever idea of hanging them within the sink will provide your kitchen counter more room for other kitchenware. In-sink caddies can store and dry your soaps, brushes, and sponges inside your sink. It also gives your kitchen a better look especially if dirty brushes and sponges are a concern.

8. Small counter-tops might provide smaller extra spaces to do the usual cooking routines like chopping spices, meats, and vegetables. Instead of chopping in the dining area, you can utilize this over-the-sink chopping board with an already-attached colander. Place this over your sink to optimize your sink’s surface area, start the chopping, then slide your chopped goods to its built-in colander for a rinse Doing them all together with just one tool indeed.

9. Storing your knives in drawers can be a good idea, but they can be dangerous when not handled carefully. Knife racks and knife stands can be a good choice too, but a better way to maximize your vertical space is actually mounting your knives to the wall instead. How does that work? Magnet racks! Storing knives on mounted magnet racks can also be a good way to keep children from reaching harmful knives, and a better way of utilizing extra wall space.

10. It’s impossible to force pans and woks into some small tight storage when in fact, you can just hang them from the wall instead. Hanging your pans and woks with mounted hook racks can be another way of maximizing vertical space and a better way to store and dry pans, woks, or skillets with holes in the handles. Through this, you can prioritize storing bulkier equipment, like pots, into cupboards or under counters.

11. It’s funny how we picture ourselves storing pans and pots without considering where the lids could go. Placing them in dishracks can be fine, but if you aren’t a one-lid-for-all type, then we must store those lids properly. These mounted racks can hang, store, and dry our lids without having to use extra space on the countertop, cupboard, drawers, or on the dishracks too.

12. Cabinet compartments can often be small in width but long in height. To maximize our spacing and to organize our stuff better, placing shelf risers in cupboard or cabinet compartments can provide another tier of storage whether for consumables, kitchenware, or other goods. It basically is a rack added to these compartments to create another ‘floor’ of storage. You can place things above and below it.

13. Storing large capacities of fruit can be difficult for homeowners with small kitchen spaces. You don’t have to purchase another refrigerator or place more fruit baskets on the counter just to accommodate such abundance. Another space-saving product for storing fruit is having hanging baskets in the kitchen. Just think of multiple fruit baskets stacked together consuming only a small portion of the floor area. Not only do they save space, but they also look wonderful too.

14. From large pots to pans, to even books and recipes, this tall multi-tiered storage not only maximizes vertical space in your kitchen but also saves a huge floor area. You can store most kitchen equipment here as this has many levels as it looks simple and rustic, which can definitely make a statement when aligned to a preferred kitchen aesthetic. Other kitchen appliances can also be placed here to save countertop space for other important stuff.

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