10 Ways to spend less time cleaning the bathroom

10 Ways to spend less time cleaning the bathroom

I know cleaning the bathroom is one of the least enjoyable places in a home to clean I get it i’m right there with you and that’s why I wanted to share with you some ways that i’ve picked up over the years to reduce the amount of time I need to spend cleaning this place because you know what I have better things to do than scrub a bathroom so there are like little habits and kind of tips and tricks that you can incorporate into your daily routine that actually slash the amount of time you have to spend cleaning this bathroom these are easy things that you can incorporate into your daily routine you won’t even feel them but they’ll keep your keister out of the bathroom unless you actually need to use it.

Reduce the amount of stuff you keep on counters and ledges: I know this one’s going to be hard for beauty junkies but reducing the amount of stuff you have on your bathroom surfaces makes a huge difference in terms of reducing the amount of time you have to spend cleaning more stuff more clutter and I know in the past when i’ve had lots of bottles of like skin care products and hair products they are a little bit oily and they are dust magnets they get dirty and gross so if you can streamline that skin care routine reduce the amount of product you have or if you’re going to keep it at least find a good place to store it so that your counter spaces and any other surfaces you have in your bathroom aren’t cluttered up with product less stuff less cleaning.

Use a dishwand in the shower: Contrary to popular belief cleaning your shower tiles with a dishwand while you’re in the shower did not become a thing because of tick-tock this is an O.G cleaning tip we’ve been talking about this for at least a decade and why it works if you don’t like getting into your shower on say a random wednesday evening when you feel the urge to clean it you can just clean it while you’re in there I mean who doesn’t like spending a few more minutes in the shower and if you want to clean your shower towels this is actually a pretty efficient way to do it once you’ve cleaned yourself you can take your dishwand just give it you know wet it down and then start scrubbing the tiles as you go what you want to make sure is that the floors aren’t slippery so just be mindful where you’re stepping but you’re going to scrub top to bottom left to right you can go area by area and then you can rinse the shower down that you can give yourself a nice final cleaning and then squeegee everything dry the reason this kind of saves time is because you don’t have to parse out additional time through your week to clean the shower you just kind of extend your shower and if you don’t want your shower to smell like a cleaning job you can actually use unscented dish soap in your dishwand now the recipe that I would recommend is equal parts dish soap and vinegar if you don’t like the smell of vinegar in your shower and honestly I can’t blame you add about 10 or 15 drops of your favorite essential oil to that dishwand shake it up and it will help take the edge off.

The toilet isn’t a Garbage: I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again toilets are for bodily functions and toilet paper and nothing else because if you use them like your own personal garbage can they will clog and you will have to spend more time dealing with toilet issues and cleaning the bathroom so hair wads dental floss baby wipes all that stuff gets pitched in the garbage leave your toilet to handle toilet paper and waste.

Use a Squeegee: On the topic of cleaning your shower every single time you step out of that shower stop yourself and say did I squeegee today and if you haven’t add a few extra steps to your daily step count get your squeegee and start to squeegee the shower it takes under a minute and it makes all the difference I have been preaching the benefits of squeegeeing which is now a verb your shower for years and years and years and the reason this is so important to do is because as you shower as you wash things off your bod it flicks itself onto shower glass and tiles then you step out like the classy person you are and you just think it’s going to dry and deal with itself well what happens is once the water dissipates that residue is left behind from anything that came off your body or that was stuck in the water minerals so what you get over time is soap scum if you squeegee your shower and just use a rubber blade to get all of that off the shower tiles you end the glass you will never have to worry about build up ever.

Pre-treat when you clean:When you’re cleaning the bathroom don’t think about spraying and wiping think about cleaning your bathroom in two stages first pre-treating and then second wiping and scrubbing if you do it all at once you will actually spend more time because product won’t have had the chance to work whether it’s cleaning soap scum in your shower or a grimy sink if you pre-treat areas in your bathroom so you work your way around the bathroom kind of spray it down let the product do its work and then get back to your starting point and start cleaning the product will have done the heavy lifting for you get out the appropriate cleaning tool and your work will be slashed once I started incorporating this into my own cleaning routine as well as the way that I would clean professionally and train people to clean it’s a game changer.

Always be chilling: I know you’ve probably heard abc always be something applied in a million different ways and i’m going to give you a million and one always be chilling or always be turning your fan on when you’re showering and after the reason you want to have your fan on while you are showering as well as after is because your fan’s job is to suck up the moisture that would otherwise be lingering in your bathroom feeding bacteria that then becomes mold and mildew in that pinky orangey stuff that everyone complains about if you get rid of moisture your bathroom won’t be a tropical environment that is ideal for bacteria mold and mildew to fester it’s a simple fix we actually have one of those timer fans so I set it for minutes when I step into the shower and then on my way out of the bathroom I just hit it for minutes again it runs for about an hour and by the time I go back into my bathroom say an hour and a bit later it feels just fine now if you don’t have a fan don’t fear open your window instead and if your bathroom isn’t ventilated you need to talk to a building inspector.

Wash & dry slimy stuff: We all know things can get slimy in the bathroom and if you think about what happens in the bathroom there’s a lot of bacteria coming from our mouths stuff coming off of our body there’s soap there’s water I mean it’s the perfect melange for slime okay so there are a few different ways that you can eliminate that slimy buildup that you will then have to spend so much time cleaning if you didn’t think ahead first place I want to talk about is the toothbrush whether it’s an electric toothbrush or a manual toothbrush if you brush rinse and stick it back wherever it lives undoubtedly you’re gonna see that white crusty buildup that’s not only toothpaste but it also is oral bacteria that just gets crusty and starts feeding on things so what you can do to never see that again never have to clean that again is to rinse your toothbrush thoroughly I also like to run my fingers through the bristles to really flick off all the stuff and then dry your toothbrush if it’s dry and you put it back just like when we squeegee the shower there’s gonna be no crust the other place I see a lot of slimy grimy stuff is bottles in the shower soap shampoo that kind of thing so if you notice that that’s happening just hold your bottle up while you’re in the shower kind of give it its own shower and then you can even dry it with your towel and pop it back now I know it might sound counterintuitive why am I drying something only to put it back in a wet shower it just gets rid of that slimy stuff that will only end up sitting on the ledge feeding bacteria that will then cause mold mildew or soap scum or things that you’re gonna have to spend more time cleaning.

Hang towels to dry: This is legitimately one of the biggest arguments my best friend and her husband has she’s not great at hanging her towels up and he is fastidious about it so the two of them argue about towels all the time and frankly I gotta side with him because she’s not hanging up her towels properly and that means they are not drying air is not circulating through those towels they are getting musty they are getting smelly and they are adding to the moisture in the bathroom so the name of the game here is to dry your towels fully after a shower and the best way to do that is to spread them out nice and open on a towel bar if you don’t have one consider flipping your towel over your shower curtain rack just to let it dry a dry towel is a towel that doesn’t smell and is a towel that doesn’t contribute to a moisture issue in your bathroom.

Close the lid before you flush: There are a few things in life we probably would like to never know about one of which my friend recently taught me is called fecal veneer which is just a layer of you-know-what on just about everything we touch another thing i’m going to tell you about is toilet plume which is the spray that comes out of your toilet every time you flush it and it is estimated that that spray reaches about six feet which is probably the distance between your toilet and your toothbrush so a rule is to close the lid before you flush and by doing this not only are you keeping things classy but you’re actually reducing the amount of bacterial spread in a bathroom quick and easy.

Keep a cleaning cloth near: One of the first things you see in a bathroom is the mirror the sink and the faucet and what happens these get dirty very quickly so if you can keep a cleaning cloth on your counter you can deal with the triple threat of toothpaste on the mirror schmutz in your sink and hand washing water from building up around your faucet don’t know what i’m talking about the next time you go to your bathroom look around your faucet you might actually see a buildup of discolored water or grime and you’ll be like where did that come from i’ll tell you it comes from your dirty hands or your clean hands that have soap residue on them when you go to shut your faucet off water drips off of your hands and just settles and over time that builds up and it discolors so if you can keep a cloth there you can quickly wipe away anything that splatters on the mirror in the sink or any water build up around the faucet now if you don’t want to keep a cloth on your counter I feel you instead anytime you change out your hand towel you can just quickly take it and wipe that triple threat situation up the mirror the sink and the area by the faucet toss this in the washing machine replace your hand towel and your bathroom will be maintained those are things that build up and get nasty quickly so this is an easy quick way that you can maintain that triple threat.

Thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you next time.


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