10 Ways to make your home smell Incredible

10 Ways to make your home smell Incredible

Today i’m going to share with you some of the easiest and best ways to make your home smell absolutely incredible and this time of year in particular the fall and holiday time that’s really when I want the cozy vibes up.

Let’s get started with my favorite very easy diy you can do, you can actually make your own reed diffusers and it is shockingly easy to do I like having these in our bathrooms it’s just a more subtle scent it lasts for a really long time it’s easy to maintain and who knew it’s so easy to make yourself so you just have to get a glass bottle with the narrow neck and these reeds you can find at your local craft store they also sell them on amazon really inexpensive then you want to fill it up with a carrier oil you can use safflower oil almond oil or even baby oil for this and then add a dash of rubbing alcohol into it that’s just going to help the oil carry through the reeds a little bit better for the fragrance you can really use anything you can use your favorite essential oils essential oil blend or they sell these packs of natural fragrance oils they have the autumn fall sense edition and the holiday sense edition you can customize however strong you like your fragrance I have about 25 drops I went with vanilla and harvest spice in here and wow it smells like a luxurious pumpkin patch in my bathrooms now I love it. Another thing I love about these is I think this would make an awesome diy gift idea for your neighbors your co-workers maybe even your kids teacher because they’re so darn cute and easy to make and something a little bit unique.

Next is a stove top potpourri and if you have never done one of these for yourself you need to try it they smell intoxicating like just so so good and you can throw them together using things you most likely already have on hand they’re just easy and amazing so these are my two favorite go-to recipes for these starting with our fall inspired stovetop potpourri sliced apple orange rinds cinnamon sticks whole cloves and add some pumpkin pie spice in there get that simmering on a low simmer no lid this will fragrance your entire home it’s 100% natural and again it’s using things you probably already have in your house and my favorite holiday recipe has fresh cranberries orange slices cinnamon sticks nutmeg and when you’re done you can store it in your mason jar and reuse it I find that they last for a good two to three uses so you can make it once pour it into your mason jar when you’re done keep it in the fridge and use it for the next couple of days.

I have been making these airfryer baked apples you can also just make them in your regular oven not only are they a delicious healthy treat they get your home smelling incredible so you just get your apple cut it in half and remove the core I like to make a little bit of an indent to put my toppings then in a separate bowl I mix maple syrup oats flour cinnamon and a little bit of melted butter I put that on top of the apples and then pop this in your airfryer at 350 degrees for about 12 to 15 minutes or if you’re using a regular oven you’re gonna want to put it in for closer to 20 to 25 minutes oh not only do these taste amazing again they’re just gonna make your house smell so good so making your baked apples baking anything in general or just making a homemade meal your entire house smells incredible.

The easiest thing you can do to make your home smell amazing is switch out to fall fragrance cleaning products I saw at Amazon the mrs meyers has a whole line of fall and holiday scented cleaning products so we have apple cider acorn spice I also got the peony scent for me sometimes these can almost be too overpowering so I like to dilute them.

I love the cinnamon brooms and the cinnamon scented pine cones but you can also make them yourself very easily and in my opinion they smell even better because you can really amp up that cinnamon fragrance and they’ll last longer because sometimes with those they just don’t last very long so what you want to do is get your pine cones place them on a foil line sheet tray and bake them in the oven at degrees 200 fahrenheit for 45 minutes then you want to get 25 drops of cinnamon essential oil with a quarter cup of water in a spray bottle and spray your freshly baked pine cones with that mixture and then cover it up I just put foil on top so we can really absorb in the fragrance I also added about five drops of my vanilla fragrance oil to it as well to get a little vanilla undertone to these then open them up you can put them in bowls and display them around your house it doubles as decor and it just smells phenomenal.

Next up something that I think is seriously underrated and that is the waxman I find that the fragrance lasts longer and it’s just a softer smoother type of a fragrance in the air and something that’s so cool is they now have wax warmers that are decorative and they’re kind of like display pieces in your home so they have this fall inspired wax warmer that lights up and looks like beautiful fall trees they have christmas and holiday inspired ones and this wax warmer in particular I love because the top is removable and you can actually use the wax warmer base and put your candles on here and you can turn your candles into a wax warmer have your favorite candle and it’s burned all the way down but there’s still a little bit of wax left you can put it on here and get every last drop of fragrance out of it you can get your wax melts from anywhere they have all different fragrances or you can even make your own all you have to do is get an unscented soy wax melted in here and then just sprinkle in your fragrance oils of choice and create your own at home so there’s so many options here you can get it pre-made or you can make your own very easily.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you soon with a new article bye.


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