10 Things You Can Clean with Dish Soap

10 Things You Can Clean with Dish Soap

10 Things You Can Clean with Dish Soap: I always start every cleaning job with the safest most basic product available to you there’s always a need for specialty cleaning products but most jobs can also be tackled with really basic ingredients you’ve heard us talk about this many times before baking soda white vinegar rubbing alcohol and one of my personal favorites there’s soap or dish liquid or washing up liquid whatever you call this stuff in here dish soap has a million cleaning uses aside from the very obvious but that’s a lot to film so today I’m going to share a few of my favorite ones with you floor cleaner this soap makes for an excellent floor cleaner just add a few drops of dish soap or a pinky nails worth to a bucket of very warm order line hot water this is a simple solution that will leave your hardwood your laminate tile and even cement floors looking fantastic restain buster dish soap is easily one of the safest things you can put on fabrics when you get a stain which is why it’s used to treat so many different stains especially grease stains dish soap can be applied directly to grease stains and then gently rubbed in just using your fingers adding a bit of water and you let this sit for a few minutes and then rinse the area with cool water and launder as you normally would quickly clean a blender

I felt it too useful to not share again so if you want to quickly clean your blender after each use simply add a couple of drops of dish soap and fill your blender until it’s about a quarter full with warm water pop the blender back on the base and blend that mess away here’s something I get asked a lot how to clean kitchen cupboards because they often get sticky and greasy and the answer is actually pretty straightforward if you have some dish soap handy mix one part dish soap to ten parts water in a spray bottle pretreat your greasy cupboards with this mixture leave it for about five minutes or so then then get a non-scratch sponge wet the sponge down and start scrubbing those cupboards use a lot of elbow grease and definitely more product if needed then rinse and buff dry you’ll see the grease is gone here’s a handy tip for those like me who have a bit of a fascination with nail polish before you apply your nail polish soak your fingertips in a mixture of one part dish soap and parts warm water you can use a big glass bowl like I have here and just let your finger soak for five to seven minutes this will remove some of the oils from your fingernails as well as some of the dirt and make it easier for the nail polish to stick to your nails you’ll actually get a better manicure out of it this is a wonderfully safe and affordable alternative to harsh weeding chemicals and you probably have all of the ingredients you need in your house right now just take an empty spray bottle add a good squirt of dish soap about a half cup of salt and fill the rest with white vinegar then just spray the solution directly on the weeds or in areas where weeds are prone to grow.

Be careful though it’s non-toxic but it will kill any plant life you spray it on everybody loves marble and granite but cleaning it can be a hassle so don’t over complicate things and stick to a regular cleaning routine that involves nothing more than dish soap and warm water you can take great care of your natural stone by creating your own countertop spray and you can also use this solution for floors just take a pinky nails worth of dish soap put it in a spray bottle fill it with water and use that for your counters or you can use the same pinky nail squared of dish soap in a bucket filled with warm water if you get something really greasy like cooking oil or Vaseline or peanut butter in your hair here’s a quick and easy way to wash it out which is my opinion more effective than shampoo when showering just on a dab of dish soap to your hands and work it into your hair just like it was shampoo be sure to rinse well and you’ll notice just how effective dish soap is at dealing with all of that grease and for you hair product junkies out there you can do this about once a month to tackle any greasy build up that hair products leave behind but don’t make a habit of using this instead of shampoo it will strip your hair of all natural oils did you know that dish soap is also an awesome window cleaner in fact it’s the choice of many window cleaning pros it cuts through greasy window film like nothing else and leaves a nice clean finish just out of few drops again about a pinky nails worth of dish soap into a pail of warm water and you’re good to go you can also add about / cup of white vinegar for extra grime fighting action then you can buff it dry with a flat microfiber cloth and your results will be incredible.

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