10 Points of Contact You Need To Clean, woodenware

10 Points of Contact You Need To Clean

10 Points of Contact You Need To Clean. Points of contact they sound so insignificant but they’re actually a breeding ground for bacteria in your home learning about them and how to clean them will create a happier and healthier home during the cold and flu season and in fact all year round anywhere that you touch frequently is considered a point of contact sure there are obvious points of contact like door handles and light switches but what about the not so obvious spots like soap pumps drawer pulls and keyboards.

Now this isn’t meant to be a scare tactic or to make you into a germaphobe but just think for a minute how many things are you actually touching during the day and your hands happen to be great transporters of all things German so what’s the right way to clean a point of contact I hear you asking well the answer is simple you take a disinfectant you spray it on the surface let it sit wet for five to ten minutes and then wipe it away if that’s not possible you’ll spray a cloth with disinfectant now that’s my imaginary cloth and spray bottle and then you’ll wipe it away you know. 

If it’s an electronic or something that you can’t spray liquid on that’s what you’re going to do but I need to highlight bullet point underline and draw your attention to something there is a big difference between cleaning and disinfecting and I’ve actually made a video about it and you can see it right over here it’s a really important one to watch whether you’re a busy mom or dad a professional a bachelor or bachelorette a student or anything in between you need to clean your points of contact.

If you want to stay healthy this winter season so I’ve prepared for you my top ten points of contact that you need to clean right now without running the risk of sounding like a public service announcement the best way to keep cold and flu out of your house is to wash your hands a few times a day with soap and water you know happy birthday to you seconds under the sink dry them off and you’re good to go well those are my top spots for you to keep clean this cold and flu season.

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Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!