Baking Soda is Awesome for Cleaning

10 Cool Ways to Use Baking Soda

10 Cool Ways to Use Baking Soda

There are three key reasons why baking soda is so good at cleaning first it’s a powerful deodorizer second it provides mild abrasion and third it’s a whitener and a brightener, so as you can see all three perfect cleaning combo.

If your stainless steel mug looks and smells a little bit funky baking soda can solve that problem for you, fill the mug up halfway with hot water then you can add a tablespoon of baking soda to that solution fill the rest of the mug up with hot water and just let it soak, you can let it soak overnight and the next morning you can take a sponge a bottle cleaning brush or even a microfiber cloth get it wet and start to give it a good scrub the baking soda in there that abrasion will help to lift out any of those stains by the time you rinse it you won’t see stains you won’t smell smells. 

If you had a crusty lasagna explosion in your microwave no judging we’ve all been there there’s an easy way to clean that mess up using a cup of water in a microwave safe bowl and two tablespoons of baking soda you’re gonna mix this all up and microwave for five minutes the water the steam is going to help transport little granules of baking soda onto the sides of the microwave and then once that five minutes is up remove the bowl and then take a cloth and wipe the inside of the microwave down not only will that mild abrasion help to lift off the dirt it will also help remove some of the staining and offer some deodorizing power as well.

If there’s a smelly little corner of your home baking soda’s got you covered take a jar or a can you know an old candle jar is actually perfect for this fill it about halfway with baking soda you can add five to ten drops of your favorite essential oil if you choose that’s entirely optional and then just stick the little container in the smelly corner and leave it baking soda is amazing at just absorbing and neutralizing odors so it’s a set it and forget it type situation.

If you lean heavily on dry shampoo or if you use a lot of styling products in your hair you might notice that over time your scalp feels a little bit yucky and your hair might feel a little bit dull in that case you’d be looking for a clarifying scalp treatment and you can use baking soda to get there what you do is you add shampoo to your palm the way you normally would and to it you’re going to add a tablespoon of baking soda. I actually bring a little bit in in a pre-portioned tissue and then I dump it in to my shampoo when I’m ready to wash then I focus everything on my scalp I don’t actually wash the rest of my hair with this treatment I just do the scalp massage it in really nicely and then rinse and condition as usual. You’ll notice that your hair is squeaky clean afterward your scalp is going to feel particularly clean. You’ll probably have a great hair day but I’m going to caution you against two things first of all don’t overdo this, I’m talking like once a month and second if you have color in your hair you’re not going to want to use baking soda.

There’s no pleasant way to say this you might have a smelly toilet and if you do there’s a solution for you the next time you go to clean your bathroom before you start anything else take a cup of baking soda along with you get your toilet bowl brush out and kind of use a bit of water to moisten around the side of the bowl then you’re going to sprinkle kind of like generously toss that baking soda you get a baking soda you get a baking soda you get a baking soda and then dump the rest into the toilet bowl itself while you’re doing the rest of your cleaning just let the baking soda do its thing deodorize solve problems make changes in the world then when you’re ready you can go back about say minutes let’s be generous here go ahead and scrub that toilet clean give it a flush and then you can use your regular toilet cleaning solution to do one more cleaning the pre-clean with the baking soda is going to help lift up any odors and then the regular toilet cleaning that you do will clean your toilet.

You might have a glass surface in your home that has a film stickiness or a residue on it and you’re wondering how do I clean that well baking soda is going to take care of it for you so what you’ll do in this case is you’ll dampen a microfiber cloth and I’ll sprinkle on some baking soda there’s no real measurement here but let’s just call it a teaspoon and then you’ll start cleaning the glass surface using my famous S pattern to remove that film from the top to the bottom so after that’s done you’ll notice there’s some residue left behind from the baking soda just give it one rinsing wipe down and then you can treat the glass with your glass cleaner of choice I would use vinegar and water a flat weave microfiber cloth and do my regular cleaning the baking soda that first step is going to help to lift off any of that filmy stuff that would otherwise make your glass streaky and look and feel dirty.

I’m not going to admit when the last time was that I cleaned my hairbrush but let’s just say it’s not within the generally recommended window of how long you’re supposed to let your hairbrush go before you clean it so in a word it’s gross the way to clean your hairbrush and this goes for plastic hair brushes and combs if it’s wood we’ve got to talk about that separately we’re just dealing with plastic right now so here’s what you’re going to do you’re going to fill a bowl let’s say two cups with warm water to it you’re gonna add two to three tablespoons of baking soda and I like to add a few drops of tea tree essential oil as well I’m gonna mix this up with a cleaning toothbrush next I’m gonna pick out all the hair which isn’t the most attractive thing, once all the hair is out you’ll notice there’s probably some residue left behind now if your brush is hard plastic you can actually soak it in that bowl for a good period of time if it’s got one of those pads on it I don’t like soaking it which is why I like to use the toothbrush and just start scrubbing from the get-go either way hard plastic or comb you can soak it and then scrub it off with a toothbrush if it’s got that pad you’re just going to do the scrubbing with the toothbrush so dip the toothbrush into the solution start brushing, the brush you want to remove all the residue both from the pad the bristles and the sides of the brush then you’re going to give it a good rinse and then I’ll let it air dry.

Now I know your shoes aren’t smelly so this is for your friend that has smelly shoes if they want to deodorize their shoes they can take something like a coffee filter a couple pieces of paper towel or even a piece of old t-shirt that’s cut up you just need a piece of semi-permeable cloth and then you’re going to add to that a half a cup of baking soda right in the center then you’ll gather all of the sides together you’ll secure it with an elastic I mean your friend will secure it with an elastic band and throw it in their shoe you can obviously make a pair of them and let that sit for a day two a week a month whatever just keep it sitting there throw them in whenever those shoes aren’t being worn and what will happen is the baking soda will start to eat away at the odors in the shoe the boot the slipper whatever it is it’s going to start smelling better and your friend will thank you for the tip.

If you hand wash your dishes baking soda can really help things along fill your sink with warm water as usual to it add a squirt of dish soap however much you normally add is probably fine and two tablespoons of baking soda let your dishes pots pans whatever have you soak in there for about or minutes and when you start to do your dishes you will notice that that dirt slides right off in fact even when i do pots and pans sometimes I’ll throw some baking soda on there just to boost the abrasion and make things move along a little bit faster.


Why clean once a week when you can keep your home clean throughout the week!